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You may have heard about the 25 year guarantee that R B Plastering and Building Services Ltd offers on all damp proofing work we carry out in Cheam. But we find many of our clients, after identifying damp in their homes or places of work, are unsure what damp proofing actually involves.


To provide a little insight into the work that our plasterers do, we have explained our damp proofing process on this page. If you require any more information on how a plasterer goes about solving issues with damp and safeguarding against it, don’t hesitate to contact us on 07958 466 719.


Damp Proofing Explained

Firstly a plasterer will examine the damp itself and attempt to diagnose the cause of it. There are three types of damp, penetrating damp, damp caused by condensation and rising damp. Penetrating damp could be the result of a broken pipe or a blocked drainpipe, meaning you may need to call in another specialist. Our plasterers will advise you on who is best to call, as we have strong links with other professional tradesmen in Cheam. They will also likely recommend that you invest in damp proofing to prevent the issue occurring in the future. As our damp proofing comes with a 25 year guarantee, you can be sure that no damp related issues will arise in the future.


Re-plastering or re-decorating usually solves damp caused by condensation, as it is often a consequence of poor ventilation. This is a relatively straight forward process, but can take time depending on the severity of the damp. As we’re local to Cheam, our plasterers can be with you in no time at all if you suspect poor ventilation is causing damp in your home.


Rising damp, on the other hand, is a more complex issue and can be caused by a broken or non-existent damp proof course in your walls. It can also be caused by water pooling at the base of your wall or perhaps a leaking pipe. If one of our plasterers identifies rising damp they will repair your damp proof course, which is a layer of slate or plastic laid between bricks near a wall’s ground level. Other measures may be recommended on a case-by-case basis.


Found Damp? There’s No Need to Worry…

We have identified and banished countless examples of rising damp in and around the Cheam area, so if it’s found at your property, there’s no need to panic! R B Plastering and Building Services Ltd will get on the case, quickly, efficiently and affordably diagnosing and fixing the problem.


If you hire a plasterer from our firm, you can rest assured they will be highly experienced, qualified and insured. Don’t get in cowboy plasterers with no qualifications. You’ll only need plastering re-done at a later stage when it fails!


Need R B Plastering and Building Services Ltd’s damp proofing services? Call one of our team on 07958 466 719. Our highly qualified plasterers provide free quotes at extremely competitive prices.

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